Parent, Professional, Life-long Learner

As with many adults, I wear several hats and on any given day have to find time to get done what needs to be done!

I am a parent - my job to shape lives and to see how my children grow, learn important values and contribute successfully to society.

Not easy, but so worthwhile. 

I am a professional and ensuring that I maintain a work, home balance is essential to my growth and development. Finding that balance, ensuring that I devote time both to my work and my family can be difficult at times and yes, I admit it can be stressful. 


I am a lifelong learner. Learning to me is essential to who and what I am. It does not have to be a new skill, could be something simple such as trying a new recipe but to learn something new keeps me grounded.


Finding that balance and working to develop that personal time to myself, so I can read a book, enjoy nature, go for a walk, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, keeps me grounded and ensure that I keep going and I am not burnt-out.

A simple life, learn from the lessons that come my way, help someone in need without expecting something in return, improve myself and remain humble. As I get towards my silver years, I want to be able to look back at life and to reminisce. ....and think that it was a life worth living.